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Familiepark Drievliet, Netherlands

Film: The Curse of Skull Rock
Effects: Seat Movements, Vibration, Water Spray, Air Blast, Leg Ticklers, Bubbles, Low Smoke, Special Effects Lighting, Wind Blowers

When this hugely popular theme park in the Netherlands, contacted us, they were keen to upgrade their existing theatre on a turnkey basis, to include motion and 4D effects.  The 51-seat theatre was refurbished to include our latest 5D seats, offering 3DOF movement, as well as many other effects such as leg ticklers and air blasts, to provide audiences with an exciting and fun experience.  With highly entertaining films such as Robin Hood and Curse of Skull Rock, this has been a popular addition to this well known tourist attraction.

“Our visitors like the attraction very much. The film is very sharp and the movements are good too and overall we are very satisfied. From a quality point of view our new theatre is excellent. And it is a good family attraction so fits in very well with our target market”

Piet Faaij, Park Director, Familepark Drievliet

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