Take Flight...

360° Flying Theatre

Simworx has partnered with MONDIAL – one of the leading amusement ride manufacturers in the business, bringing an all-new range of technologies together for a breathtaking new attraction.

The Flying Theatre enables the rider to experience unique movements during a movie being played on a huge dome screen. The riders are able to move up and down, sideways to both sides, forward and backward. The sensation of flying is enhanced as the rider’s legs are dangling free.

Combining this with Simworx’s world-renowned expertise in delivering high-quality 3D Audio Visual solutions, ensures that operators and their riders will be left amazed by the experience.

Excitement, suspense and surprise, are just some of the emotions that will be experienced by riders of Simworx’ new FLYING THEATRE.

Designed to offer total flexibility and to integrate smoothly into any venue or creative concept. The FLYING THEATRE is supplied in multiples of 60 seat passenger platforms mounted upon a hydraulic lifting mast. Integrated within the hydraulic lift are various motion pivots which make the rider feel as though they are flying.

Combined with the Flying Theatre, is an all-encompassing Dome and Projection System that totally immerses the riders. Surround Sound audio adds to the realism and a specially produced film, designed specifically for the Flying theatre provides an amazing experience like no other!

Simworx and Mondial both have high tech manufacturing plants where our products are designed, manufactured and tested to standards of unparalleled quality, with manufacturing standards to achieve ISO9001, EN13814, TUV, and ADIPS approval where necessary.

360 Degrees Rotation
60 Seat Capacity

Special Effects Lighting
Low Smoke
Wind Spray
Water Spritz

     Minimum area required for the safe operation:

  • Width 12.15 – 13.5m
  • Depth 19.4m
  • Height 15m


   Electrical Requirements

“Approx. 70 KW” main application three phase + neutral + ground
Voltage 400 Volts (other versions on request)
Frequency Dimension power cabinet Dimensions E room 50 Hz (other versions on request)