The accessible alternative to a Flying Theatre

Fly Motion

A dynamic, totally immersive attraction that takes sensory and physical simulation to a new level – the Fly Motion is one of Simworx’s most innovative products.

An adrenaline-inducing adventure that will excite, thrill, scare and enthral in equal measures, the Fly Motion is Simworx’s latest innovative product. In configurations of 30 seats, they are also available with an optional track system that allows guests to board in a separate loading area before moving through for a grand reveal of the showroom.

After entering the Fly Motion attraction, visitors take their seats on a ‘vehicle’ styled simulator located within a themed ‘loading bay’. Once loaded, the simulator moves forward along a short track into the middle of a huge curved 3D projection screen and riders are then taken on a fun-filled journey that assaults the senses and simulates a fantastic Fly-Over experience – dynamic motion, special effects, surround sound and 3D film totally immersing riders to give them a unique and captivating Flying adventure like no other!

Leg Tickler
Low Smoke / Fog
Special Effects Lighting
Electrical Requirements The Fly Motion requires a 3 phase powersupply of 50 Hz at 415v

Theme Parks
Space and Science Centres
Family Entertainment Centres