Simworx enhances Oceanogràfic experience

Simworx enhances Oceanogràfic experience with new 4D seats

Media attractions specialist helps create new multi-purpose facility

Media based dynamic simulation attractions specialist Simworx has completed the installation of over 200 new 4D seats in the Mar Rojo Theatre at the Oceanogràfic Aquarium in Valencia, Spain, to provide a new experience opportunity for guests to Europe’s largest aquarium.

A total of 202 seats have been installed in the 500-seat amphitheatre as replacements for some of the existing seats, creating a new, multi-purpose attraction which combines a 4D theatre and a main stage show.

The new seats incorporate a variety of in-built effects such as seat vibration, leg ticklers, back prods, water blast and air blast. A range of in-theatre effects have also been provided by Simworx to add to the overall experience, these including wind, smoke, bubbles, aroma, snow and special effects lighting.

The 3D screen being used measures 10m x 5.62m and is a state-of-the-art, motorised, 3D Harkness screen which retracts up and down in front of the large aquarium at the touch of a button. The audio system is a full 7.1 surround sound digital set up, while a media pack has also been installed to enable corporate presentations using the same AV technology as the new 4D cinema.

Guests are provided with a choice of two films, both from the nWave library. Hurricane is a 20-minute film providing the true story of a 15,000km journey that follows one of the most devastating natural events on the planet – the Atlantic Hurricane – while making the most of the effects utilised within the theatre.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a more family orientated film which takes viewers on a journey with teenager Ned into a world of adventure aboard the submarine Nautilus, commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo. This too makes use of the various special effects incorporated into the theatre and features water sprays, bubbles, wind blasts and the shaking of the Nautilus deck.

Commenting on this latest opening, Simworx Managing Director Terry Monkton said: “This has been an interesting project for Simworx and a good example of how we are able to provide an existing, operational attraction with a totally new dimension to enhance what it offers to guests. The seats we have installed provide an extended experience element to the theatre which helps to further entertain all ages and we are delighted with the end result.”

For Oceanogràfic Aquarium, Eduardo Nogues, director of operating company, said: When we first presented our (proposed management) offer to the owner we thought that enhancing the technology within the existing theatre would be attractive to improve the experience for visitors. The venue had operated the theatre for approximately 15 years and we thought that incorporating a big screen with 3D/4D effects would improve revenues, improve the experience and increase the overall length of stay.

“We succeeded with the idea and the revised theatre opened on April 1 this year. It has been very well received by guests of all ages and we offer a child orientated film and a documentary style film for older guests. The films offer fantastic images that go well with the various effects and the public really like it. It is working just as we expected.

“When we were looking to do this project we got two quotations from two different suppliers and decided to work with Simworx. They have provided a good service and are very proactive so we were keen to collaborate with them. They have been working for a long time in Spain, all around Europe, in Dubai and in other areas of the world too and gave us a lot of confidence. They are a reliable company which has shown good experience and knowledge.”

Simworx is recognised as a world leader in the supply of media based dynamic simulation attractions – including its 4D effects cinemas and Immersive Tunnel – for the worldwide entertainment, education and corporate markets. Its capabilities extend from full turnkey solutions, custom attractions, product development, manufacturing and service support, to film content and complete themed attractions. Clients also have access to a vast film library with hugely varied subject content suitable for the wide variety of venue types the company works with.