Thorpe Park | 4D Cinema

Angry Birds: The 4D Experience

The Angry Birds 4D experience forms a unique centrepiece of the, 4,000sq.m Angry Birds zone at Thorpe Park.

The Merlin Magic Making creative team worked closely with Rovio to ensure that all the new attractions capture the fun and humour of one of the world’s most iconic games. Simworx provided the 4D cinema, ensuring the environment highlights the high-impact special effects.

Mark Fisher, chief development officer for Merlin, said: “Thorpe Park is the UK’s Thrill Capital, and we believe the ideal environment for Angry Birds’ 4D and theme park debut. Its young adult and family visitors are the core target audience of the Angry Birds franchise and no one is better placed than Merlin to capture the fun and humour of this fantastic IP.”

  • Film: Angry Birds 4D
  • Effects: Seat Movements, Vibration, Water Spray, Air Blast, Leg Ticklers, Bubbles, Smoke, Special Effects Lighting and Catapult Movement