Oceanogràfic | 4D Cinema

Cine 4D

Simworx completed the installation of over 200 new 4D seats in the Mar Rojo Theatre at the Oceanogràfic Aquarium in Valencia, Spain, to provide a new experience opportunity for guests to Europe’s largest aquarium.

A total of 202 seats have been installed in the 500-seat amphitheatre as replacements for some of the existing seats, creating a new, multi-purpose attraction which combines a 4D theatre and a main stage show.

The new seats incorporate a variety of in-built effects such as seat vibration, leg ticklers, back prods, water blast and air blast. A range of in-theatre effects have also been provided by Simworx to add to the overall experience, these including wind, smoke, bubbles, aroma, snow and special effects lighting.

Commenting on this latest opening, Simworx Managing Director Terry Monkton said: “This has been an interesting project for Simworx and a good example of how we are able to provide an existing, operational attraction with a totally new dimension to enhance what it offers to guests. The seats we have installed provide an extended experience element to the theatre which helps to further entertain all ages and we are delighted with the end result.”

  • Film: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea / Sharks 4D
  • Effects: Vibration, Water Spray, Air Blast, Leg Ticklers, Back Prods, Bubbles, Low Smoke, Special Effects Lighting, Aroma, Snow, Wind Blowers