National Space Centre | 4D Cinema

Tetrastar Spaceport

Located within the National Space Centre this permanent immersive space themed experience takes guests on an immersive storytelling experience combining immersive theatre, actors, realistic set design, projection mapping, spatial audio, real-time interactive content, motion seats and hands-on interactives.

Prepared to go on a cosmic holiday into space, visitors accidentally find themselves on a rescue mission to Mars where they have to work together to retrieve important research, survive disaster and escape back to Earth.

Simworx provided 20 motion seats with interactive buttons and a Control Master API that enabled NSC Creative to create a real-time interactive launch experience application with dynamic motion and branching narrative ride content. The seats offer dynamic 3DOF motion, synchronised to the real-time content on-screen to deliver the feeling of weightlessness and exploration as they blast off to Mars in their rocket ship.

The 300m2 experiential experience plays out across 4 main zones and 10 additional themed spaces allowing 4 con-current pulses of 20 person groups. The full experience lasts around 20 minutes and boasts a maximum throughput of 1400 people daily. 



  • Film: Custom Realtime Content developed by NSC
  • Effects: Interactive Buttons, Water Spray, Air Blast