A Message from Simworx

COVID-19 Statement

A Message from Simworx // CoVID-19 STatement

To all of our customers, potential customers, suppliers and friends – we wish everyone well in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought upon us a whole new scenario that no one could have ever have imagined.

Simworx remains open as we look to ensure that our projects, sales, service, and relationships with customers and suppliers continue uninterrupted. And we will continue to be accessible through email, phone, video and teleconferencing in order to do so. For any enquiries or questions please reach out to your Simworx contact.

We have implemented systems to ensure our team can collaborate and communicate between one another effectively as we begin to take the necessary precautions to ensure staff safety is of the upmost priority. As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and consequences that are impacting everybody we hope that we can help to keep our work environment, families and community safe with these measures and play our part in getting the situation back to normal.

We hope that you all remain safe and healthy during this difficult period.

– Simworx


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