Experience another reality, that's out of this World!


Excitement, suspense, and anticipation; A Simworx 4DVR Theatre is about turning dreams into reality.  Its power of illusion has put simulation and now VR technology at the heart of many of the world’s most successful educational venues and entertainment attractions.

Simworx’s 4DVR Theatres are designed to offer total flexibility and to integrate smoothly into any venue or creative concept.  And that means not only in terms of physical hardware but also in the provision of high-quality media content.  Appealing to visitors of all ages, and of course, being an indoor all-weather attraction makes a Simworx 4DVR Cinema, an excellent choice for operators worldwide.

These dynamic 3DOF seats equipped VR Headsets, are available in any number of multiples making the 4DVR Theatre an extremely scalable attraction. And with our vast range of 4D effects in addition to the VR, visitors will really feel like they’re on an out-of-this-world adventure.

Water Spritz
Leg Ticklers
Air Blast

3DOF Motion Seats & Seat Harness
Interactive Option
Bespoke Film Content Services
High Quality VR Headsets
Integrated Effects Air Blast, Water Spritz and Leg Tickler
Custom Made Film/Game Content