Take to the Skies...

Paradrop VR

The ultimate VR paragliding experience: delivering the feeling of soaring through the air and the realism of being under parachute, without the danger or huge expense.

ParadropVR is a compact and immersive attraction perfect for smaller vendors due to it’s small footprint. Each unit allows a rider to experience the thrill of Paragliding through the skies in a variety of different environments. Available in a range of configurations from 1 – 40+ seats with the design and content customisable to fit your brand design.

This adventure driven attraction offers fun for all the family with a minimum height of 1m. The competitive, skill-based nature of the game has guests coming back for more looking to beat their friend’s high scores. Designed to give full control of movement, riders curate their own adventure as they experience the sharp drops and smooth deceleration of a real paraglider. Not only virtual but riders also move up and down vertically as they interact with the handles.

Small Footprint
Record Breaking ROI Over 80% capacity at top-performing sites
High Repeat Rates
4 New & Updated Games Available
Global Service & Support
Leaderboard App Global Competition & Redemption Ticketing
Minimum Height 1m
Custom Content & Theming Available
Full Turnkey Solution
Electrical Requirements 50 Hz: 380 VAC, 3 – phase, neutral & earth supply

Family Entertainment Centres
Retail Real Estate & Lifestyle Destinations
Indoor Theme Parks
Adventure Centres
Indoor Skydiving Centres
Visitor Attractions
Location Based VR