An Immersive Twist on the Traditional Flume Ride

Immersive Superflume

The Immersive Superflume is an adrenaline-inducing adventure that puts a new spin on the traditional log flume ride by incorporating an Immersive Tunnel to a section of the ride as well as other exciting AV elements.

After boarding the Immersive Superflume, visitors take their seats on a floating vehicle and are taken on a fun-filled water ride, with the addition of cutting-edge AV technology, that assaults the senses. During the Immersive Tunnel section guests will experience physical platform drops from our highly dynamic 3DOF motion base while surrounded by 360º 3D film projection which, combined with our range of 4D effects and dynamic light creates a mesmerising experience. In a grand finale, riders plunge into the final splash pool before heading back along another section of the ride to the station.

Water Spray
Special Effects Lighting

3DOF Motion Base
Speed & Motion
Roll/Pitch/Heave Axis
0-5m Per Second
Safety Sensored Lap Bars
270 Degree 3D Projection
Bespoke Vehicle Design
Custom Made Film Content
Electrical Requirements The Immersive Superflume requires a 50 Hz: 415 VAC, 3 – phase, neutral & earth supply (5 wire), rated at 100 Amps per phase.