Unrivalled movement...


A dynamic dark ride solution, based on a self-contained motion base & media solution. Providing heave, pitch and roll movements, with a unique blend of large and sweeping motion.

The Robocoaster is available as a 1 to 4 seat, indoor, dynamic motion simulation attraction, with 4 and 6DOF movement. Riders will be in awe at the totally immersive show, combined with a smooth yet dynamic motion experience, making this one of the best, media-based simulation attractions, available industry-wide. The attraction is available with a domed screen AV solution or with VR headsets, making it truly versatile for a variety of settings.

Multiples of each unit can be combined in various layouts to give a flexible and high capacity throughput ride, creating one of the best media-based simulation attractions currently available.

Special Effects Lighting
Low Smoke
Water Spray

   The following examples outline the minimum area required for safe operation of a single RoboCoaster robot:

  • Width 8m
  • Length 8m
  • Height 5.5m


   Electrical Requirements

A single 32A 400Vac power supply to the wayside control cab feeds a complete RoboCoaster attraction.