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Jurassic Island: Trans Studios Cibubur, Indonesia

  • Immersive Superflume Screen
  • Full Immersive Tunnel Superflume
  • Final Drop Immersive Superflume
  • Immersive Superflume Jurassic Island Media
  • Jurassic Island Boat with Animatronics
  • Inside Immersive Superflume Tunnel
Date: November 13, 2019

Jurassic Island: Trans Studios Cibubur, Indonesia

Product: Immersive Superflume

Effects: Wind, Water Spritz, Rainforest and ‘Dino Breath’ Aroma

Nestled within the indoor theme park, Trans Studio Cibubur in Jakarta, Indonesia, the attraction branded as ‘Jurassic Island’ brings together the strengths of both Simworx and our partner in the project, Interlink. The Immersive Superflume puts a new spin on the traditional log flume ride by incorporating our Immersive Tunnel into a section of the ride as well as other exciting AV elements.

This one-of-a kind ride takes passengers on a prehistoric journey as they climb aboard the 16 seat boats and embark upstream. Upon entering our Immersive tunnel, the boats are fixed upon a highly dynamic motion base using a boat locking system. Surrounding them is a 3D film projection on a curved screen that throws them right into the centre of a battle royale between two dinosaurs. Guests experience physical platforms drops, dynamic light and surround sound as well as realistic 4D effects that include wind, water spray and environmental aromas.