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Come face-to-face with some of our world’s smallest inhabitants. Bugs! is a breakthrough live-action nature film that explores the lives of an old-world praying mantis and a beautiful butterfly, known by their Latin names, Hierodula and Papilio.

Born in the same part of the exotic Borneo rainforest, Hierodula develops by incomplete metamorphosis, emerging from his egg as a mini-mantis and shedding his skin regularly on the way to gaining his adult wings. Papilio goes through a complete metamorphosis, from caterpillar to butterfly via the pupal stage.

Discover a fascinating array of creatures in this lush and awe- inspiring habitat. Produced by Principal Large Format in association with Image Quest 3-D. Executive produced by SK Films, Inc. Bugs! was shot on location in Borneo and in a purpose-built studio in Oxford, England.

This film is available for licensing to 3D and 4D theatres in theme parks and visitor attractions worldwide. Contact us for further details.