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Simworx announces supply of upcoming attraction for Hunderfossen Eventyrpark

By Simworx on March 29, 2021 in Latest News
Hyperakselerator Hunderfossen Attraction

Bringing to life the stories of Kjell Aukrust, Simworx — the media-based attraction manufacturer – is excited to announce their latest project for Hunderfossen Eventyrpark. 

The attraction, to be named ‘Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator’ will be based around the characters from the famous Norwegian author and illustrator’s Flåklypa Universe, Solan and Ludvig, as they test out Reodor, a crazy Norwegian inventor’s, solution to major climate challenges related to sustainability in the automotive and transportation industry. 

The attraction will consist of four, 8-seater, Stargazers that utilise 6DOF motion simulators, which allow for a wide variety of movements – making the ride both smooth and adrenaline-inducing – in front of a large, curved screen at 16 metres widescreen. The vehicles, with steampunk inspired theming, will be designed to look like Reodor’s Hyperakselerator from the story, and combine old and traditional elements to resemble something of a snow sleigh with a high-tech upgrade. . Theming for the attraction has been designed and constructed by Farmer Attraction Development Ltd. The ride itself will last approximately 5 minutes in total with each Stargazer fitted with on-board special effects including water spray, wind and leg ticklers, to enhance the story’s realism.

The custom produced media for the ride is to be provided by Norwegian animation company Qvisten an award-winning filmmaker who have previously created animated features centred around Aukrust’s books.

Hyperakselerator Title Hunderfossen

Riders will take their seats on their very own Hyperaccelerator’s, and be encouraged to strap in tight as they embark on a test flight, with Ludvig and Solan, from the very top of Pinch Cliff. Starting at Felgen’s workshop and entertained by Solan and Ludvig’s witty commentary, they’ll encounter plenty of challenges and surprises along the way on an unpredictable dash down the mountainside.

Hunderfossen Familiepark, founded back in 1984, is located in Fåberg, Norway and is inspired by fairy tales and trolls it’s also home to the world’s most famous and photographed giant Troll. The massive tourist attraction for Norway promotes the country’s history, fables and culture throughout its rides. ‘Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator’ attraction is due to be completed in time for this summer 2021.

Hunderfossen comments: “With a yearly attendance of 250-300,000 guests, this is among our top 3 investments in our history, and we’re extra proud to release this attraction in the middle of a pandemic situation!”
Simworx CEO Terry Monkton adds: “We’re really looking forward to seeing the final outcome of this phenomenal ride, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Hunderfossen to provide a beautifully themed dynamic media attraction, to bring Aukrust’s stories to life.”

Find out more about the attraction on Hunderfossen’s website here.