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Immerse Yourself…!

A former favourite, now given a high tech upgrade. Simworx’s Immersive Adventurer enables 16 riders a cycle to experience exhilarating motion during a ride, whilst a movie is played on ‘windows’ surrounding the vehicle. Provided in full turnkey solutions, The simulator is supplied with surround sound audio and an HD or 4K visual system.

After entering the Immersive Adventurer, visitors take their seats on a ‘vehicle’ styled capsule and are taken on a fun-filled journey that assaults the senses – physical platform drops, dynamic motion, surround sound and film showing on the side windows, front screen and even the roof of the vehicle combine to give the most realistic experience possible.

Each ‘vehicle’ sits upon a highly dynamic, 3DOF motion base which, combined with our range of 4D effects, results in an unrivalled attraction to entertain and educate. Perfect as a stand-alone attraction, or an excellent pre-show to give the illusion of ‘transporting’ guests via an incredible journey to the next themed area within a larger attraction.

Turnkey Solutions

  • In-Theatre Effects
  • HD/4K Projection System
  • Surround Sound
  • Show Control Equipment
  • Films
  • Theming
  • Pre-Show / Post Show
  • Custom Film Productions

Key Features

  • 3DOF Hydraulic Motion Base
  • Speed and Motion
  • Roll/Pitch/Heave Axis
  • 0-5m Per Second
  • Minimum Height – 1.4m

Electrical Requirements

Each vehicle requires a 50 Hz: 415 VAC, 3 – phase, neutral & earth supply (5 wire), rated at 100 Amps per phase.