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‘Off to a Flyer…’

An innovative and very accessible product to smaller vendors, Simworx’s Mini Flying Theatre enables 20 riders a cycle to experience unique movements during a movie being played on a 1/4 dome screen. Provided in full turnkey solutions, The Mini FT is supplied with surround sound audio and a 4K projection system.

The riders are able to move forward and backward during the experience. The sensation of flying is enhanced as the rider’s legs are dangling free, while in-theatre effects such as water spray, wind, snow, bubbles, smoke and special effects lighting provide operators with a truly sensational ride guaranteed to excite visitors.


Key Features

  • Large Format 1/4 Dome Screen
  • Programmable Tilt
  • Load in Normal Horizontal Plane
  • Smooth Transition to Panorama Mode
  • Retractable Safety Monitored Seat belts
  • Custom Showreel
  • Minimum Height 1.1m
  • In-Theatre Effects

Turnkey Solutions

We offer clients a genuine turnkey solution for their attractions. In addition to our Mini Flying Theatres we also supply:

  • 4K Projection System
  • Surround Sound
  • Show Control Equipment
  • Films
  • Theming
  • Pre-Show / Post-Show
  • Custom Film Production
  • Mist/Wind/Aroma Effects

Electrical Requirements

50 Hz: 415 VAC, 3 – phase, neutral & earth supply