A wide range of venues in Dubai, including parks within the huge Dubai Parks & Resorts (DPR) project, are set to benefit from the addition of various products from Simworx in 2016.

DPR’s Bollywood park will feature a 100-seat, 4D cinema based on the RaOne Indian intellectual property, while the Motiongate park will also incorporate a 100-seat, 4D cinema, based around the Sony Underworld film, as well as a 100-seat Cobra motion theatre.

The two 4D cinemas will feature 100 seats each with large 3D screens, HD projection and a variety of special effects. The Cobra motion theatre experience will be based on the DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda IP and will include large, curved 3D screens, 4K projection and a host of special effects, along with four, 25-seat, 3DOF, hydraulic motion platforms themed on a Hong Kong junk boat.

Meanwhile, in downtown Dubai’s City Walk area, Meeras Holdings is due to open Hub Zero this summer, the region’s first immersive entertainment park and a gamer’s paradise that will offer experiences created in association with a number of renowned video game developers. And Simworx is providing key attractions for this project too.

Among our products to be included will be a 50-seat, 4D cinema based on the Japanese game Asura’s Wrath, while a 30-seat Immersive Tunnel will also be included, this based on the Final Fantasy video game series by Square Enix. Additionally, a four-seat RoboCoaster attraction featuring a quarter dome screen and based on Sony’s Dragon Age video game will be another Simworx product to feature. And finally, at the Mattel Play! Town entertainment centre also in City Walk, we have installed a 4D cinema based around Thomas and Friends, with blue seats, Thomas badges on the seats and other related features.


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