Jurassic Island at Trans Studios Cibubur

Building an Immersive Superflume

The Immersive Superflume is a world’s first attraction. Nestled within the indoor theme park, Trans Studio Cibubur in Jakarta, Indonesia, the attraction branded as ‘Jurassic Island’ brings together the strengths of both Simworx and our partner in the project, Interlink. The Immersive Superflume puts a new spin on the traditional log flume ride by incorporating our Immersive Tunnel into a section of the ride as well as other exciting AV elements.

This one-of-a kind ride takes passengers on a prehistoric journey as they climb aboard the 16 seat boats and embark upstream through a tunnel of animatronic dinosaurs and mesmerising theming. The ride has a throughput of 780 people per hour accommodated by 5 boats that take approximately 6 minutes to complete their trip.

Immersive Superflume Attraction at Trans Studio Cibubur
Animatronic Dinosaur tunnel Immersive Superflume

Upon entering our Immersive tunnel, the boats are fixed upon a highly dynamic motion base using a boat locking system. Surrounding them is a 3D film projection on a curved screen that throws them right into the centre of a battle royale between two dinosaurs. The media for our tunnel was supplied by Falcon’s Creative Group who produced a custom film and audio that would take visitors on an intense adventure through Jurassic Island. Guests experience physical platforms drops, dynamic light and surround sound as well as realistic 4D effects that include wind, water spray and environmental aromas.

Following discussion with the Trans Studios to understand their creative aspirations for the ride, a project like this always begins with a project proposal and concept images that allows the client to better visualise how the ride system can be integrated and the theming that could be used to bring it to life. In this collaborative project Simworx and Interlink worked closely together to ensure that their sections of the ride would work together in a seamless fashion. This required sitting down at the beginning to talk through the different aspects of the ride and which company would handle what. Here they discussed the specific details that needed to be considered between the two companies and the ‘ins and outs’ of exactly how the ride would operate.

Once the final design document was approved by the client, procurement began with the buying process of materials required for the project. A purchase order for the major materials required was sent out and following their delivery a few weeks later, the assembly process could begin. The project was assembled at Trans Studios, but all the parts were built in the UK before being shipped to Jakarta. This included the custom screen made of fibreglass that would accommodate the flume boat passing through built-in doors. Once complete, the dome moulding was broken down into parts, which then allowed it to be shipped. The motion base that allows for movement of the boat in the tunnel also had to be manufactured and tested thoroughly in the UK before being shipped for installation.

With this being our first water ride, we had a number of new challenges to consider that we wouldn’t usually with our standard Immersive Tunnels. This included making our 3D glasses waterproof so that they would survive the final 12.5m drop of the ride into the splash pool, as well as how the water could be drained away from the motion base to allow it to work. Interlink also had to come up with a boat locking solution, to ensure that the boat could be secured to the motion base allowing for movement, but again released to allow it to continue the ride. Even small details such as finding a paint finish for the screens that would be waterproof in case of any splashes.


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