Concept to Reality:

Reodor Felgens Hyperakselerator

From concept to creation, we just knew Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator at Hunderfossen Eventyrpark was going to be a stand-out attraction. From some of the very first concepts that were produced and how they evolved with the storytelling process to capture the narrative of the ride. Each element – the theming, media, and ride system vehicles – all work together in perfect harmony to truly immerse riders. 

The attraction is based around the characters from the famous Norwegian author and illustrator, Kjell Aukrust’s, Flåklypa Universe, and features characters Solan and Ludvig, as they test out, Reodor – a crazy Norwegian inventor’s solution to major climate challenges, related to sustainability in the automotive and transportation industry. 

Having been in discussions with the park from around late 2019, the project kicked off as the world entered lock-down. Simworx, despite working remotely, continued developing the concepts with the park, to create a ride vehicle that was representative of the media, that was also going through story iterations by Qvisten Animation. For everybody involved it was a project that began very differently than ever before, utilising Zoom throughout, instead of having meetings in person with a team all working from home. The conceptual designs for the ride vehicle went through many iterations with Qvisten and the Park to create something that matched the media and was possible to construct and theme, taking into account any safety considerations. Our creative team was totally blown away by the drawings of Kjell Aukrust, they have so much detail, humour and personality to them, so they were delighted by the challenge of translating the style into an actual functioning vehicle to bring it to life.


Beginning with a more traditional sled-like shape and engine that resembled thrown together junk.


The next iteration retained the sled shape but consolidated the engine into a cleaner, more engine-like, rear for the sled.


The final design expanded on the compact engine by adding exhausts and a glider canopy to insinuate its ability to fly. As well as moving towards a brighter sled with a more wooden aesthetic.

It was Hunderfossen that first approached us with the idea of a ‘Super Sledding’ type ride, they had created a story concept with the media providers, Qvisten Animation to begin with. They then came to us with the idea and through a collaborative effort between Simworx, Qvisten and Hunderfossen we were able to create a simulator design that the client loved and hit the right tone of the brand.

While we designed the ride system, Qvisten continued to develop the story for the ride’s custom produced media, featuring plenty of plot points that could utilise our 4D effects. The award-winning film-maker already knew the characters of the story very well, having previously created animated features centred around Aukrust’s books. 

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, the project entered the design and manufacturing stage in August/ September 2020 as our team began to return to our offices. This allowed us to work more collaboratively at a time that mattered most. We began to see small parts of the Stargazers come together. We loved the build up, seeing it at each stage, resembling the final vehicle more and more. By the time we had reached the assembly stage, restrictions were being eased and the team could work together in our testing facilities to see the Stargazers really come to life as the motion bases were assembled and tested, the floors added, and finally the seats and vehicle theming.

At the beginning of April, they were all shipped to Norway, but when a last-minute restriction was applied by the Norwegian Government, we were only able to send one of our team to the site instead of our full installation crew. After going through quarantine for 10 days, he was able to supervise the installation, with remote support from the team back in England. Hunderfossen arranged for their technical staff and local labour to assist him, and they arranged for a specialist local company to install the hydraulic system etc. Despite the challenges, our wonderfully professional install supervisor – Michael, did a fantastic job at supervising the installation and ensuring it all went smoothly for the park. 

Whilst we took on the install in the showroom, renowned theming company Farmer Attraction Development Ltd. worked on creating the beautiful theming for the pre-show area that would set up the story for guests prior to the ride. Made up of all sorts of knick-knacks and inventions, illustrations from Kjell Aukrust, and a demonstration of Reodor Felgen’s Hydrogen fuel harvesting process compete with burping animals, to enhance the immersive storytelling of the whole attraction. 

We spent the next month working with the team at Hunderfossen to install all four of the Stargazers before its grand opening on May 22nd. The finished result consisting of four of our, 8-seater, Stargazers that utilise 6DOF motion simulators, which allow for a wide variety of movements – making the ride both smooth and adrenaline-inducing. The vehicles, with industrial DIY inspired theming, were designed to look like Reodor’s Hyperakselerator from the story, and combine old and traditional elements to resemble something of a snow sleigh with a high-tech upgrade. The ride vehicles are positioned in front of a huge 16 metre 3D projection screen, and each Stargazer fitted with on-board special effects including water spray, wind and leg ticklers, and even an ‘interactive’ Hyper boost button for guests to press at the appropriate time to enhance the story’s realism. 

Hunderfossen, looking to build up anticipation for the opening ran a competition for ‘Test Pilots’ and their family to come along for a preview day to experience the ride before any others. Excitement for the attraction was evident by the over 750 applications that the park received resulting in a lucky few getting to come along the day before opening for a private tour and experience. The Hunderfossen team are incredibly proud of their wonderful new investment for the park, and also had an official grand opening with Norway’s minister of trade and industry as well as other VIP guests such as the Chairman of Hunderfossen group, Chairman of Aukrust foundation, Qvisten animation, Mayor of Lillehammer and many more.

At the IAAPA Expo in Orlando in November 2021, Hunderfossen Eventyrpark and partners on the project, Simworx, Qvisten Animation and Farmer Attractions were awarded the prestigious Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – Attraction with a Limited Budget for  Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator.


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