Simworx Announce C360 Partnership

Simworx is proud to announce its recent partnership with C360 View Ltd to introduce their ground-breaking stadium viewing concept. Conceived by former Professional Footballer and England Manager, Glenn Hoddle, the C360 concept heralds a new era in spectator experiences, offering patrons the opportunity to immerse themselves in the game from every angle.

Acknowledging that stadium viewing has stagnated since the days of ancient Greek amphitheatres, despite remarkable technological progress in Sports Stadium Design and Build, the viewing aspect has fundamentally remained the same since the days of ancient Greek amphitheatres – you are sat in the same position throughout the event! The C360 concept offers a visionary reimagination with each C360 pod able to travel the complete circumference of a stadium its immersive 360-degree perspective grants spectators unparalleled vistas of the action, heralding a profound evolution in stadium experiences. Beyond enhancing venues, C360 elevates them to coveted destinations for top-tier global sporting events and concerts, thus revolutionising the VIP market and cementing C360-equipped stadiums as the premier choice for corporate hospitality.

Spectators will embark on their journey from VIP suites within the stadium prior to the event. The viewing pods, smoothly and seamlessly guided by advanced computer systems and laser sensors, will rotate around the venue, ensuring that no moment of the action is missed as it experiences views from all angles – something that a traditional seat simply cannot offer. This integration ensures that all executive suites, regardless of their location, can provide the same exceptional viewing experience, thereby generating higher and more evenly distributed revenues compared to traditional stadium setups.

Each viewing pod will boast lavish seating and integrated touchscreen tablets, along with digital advertising opportunities on the exterior and within the pod itself. These digital interfaces will enhance the customer experience by offering services such as in-seat food and beverage ordering, gamification, fantasy football, and game replays. Additionally, the advertising opportunities presented by these interfaces will create significant additional revenue streams for the venue.

The system is designed for seamless integration into both new stadium designs and an option to retrofit into existing arenas. With many components prefabricated off-site, installation time is significantly reduced, making it feasible to complete most retrofit projects within a single off-season period.

As leaders in the design and manufacture of media-based attractions, this new venture marks Simworx’s leap into the sports entertainment sector. Simworx along with C360 International is excited to spearhead the future of live sports and entertainment viewing, leveraging its expertise to deliver unparalleled experiences for audiences worldwide.

Also joining the C360 team is Carl England, with 20 years of International experience gained from holding senior commercial positions at leading brands such as Disney, Timberland and Umbro, leading to a successful career as a NED and CEO within the Sports, Tech and Media markets. Carl will be heading up the plethora of commercial and brand activation opportunities this innovative technology offers. 

Following a successful launch at the Coliseum Global Sports Venue Alliance, Trade Summit held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 26 & 27th March, the C360 team is in place and looks forward to engaging with Stadium Designers, Developers and Operators worldwide to ensure that your stadium incorporates the latest technological innovative upgrades that will deliver the ultimate in fan engagement in the stadium, with an immersive, enhanced digital experience that can generate significant incremental revenues 


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