NextGen Showcase Visit Simworx

Simworx recently welcomed a contingent of UK participants from NextGen Showcase to their offices for a fun-filled and insightful day including talks, ride demos, lunch and a blue-sky workshop. As proud Patron sponsors of this year’s NextGen Showcase Educational Program, Simworx is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of Themed Entertainment professionals as they transition from education into the industry. We were therefore delighted to host another iteration of the workshop following the success of the event enjoyed by last year’s participants. 

With an impressive turnout of seventeen eager attendees, the event gave participants the opportunity to network with other participants on the program, as well as to gain valuable insight into the inner workings of a ride manufacturer. Events such as this offer an unprecedented enrichment of participants’ understanding of the field’s nuances and potential career pathways.

Hosted at Simworx’s offices in Kingswinford at the heart of the Black Country region, participants travelled from various corners of England to attend the day, showing their commitment to the Educational Program. The day began with some time to catch up with one another, say hello to some new faces and get settled after long journeys, before kicking off with the first presentation of the day. 

Terry Monkton, CEO of Simworx, introduced the day’s proceedings, extending a warm welcome to the participants and offering an insightful overview of the company’s mission and endeavours. Attendees were provided with a comprehensive overview of Simworx’s diverse product range, along with notable projects spearheaded by the company. Additionally, the Simworx Creative Team showcased some of the captivating concept artwork and videos that are crafted to increase client engagement and imagination.

NextGen Participants aboard AGV Dark Ride

After the enlightening presentation and Q&A session, participants- armed with a newfound understanding of Simworx and its inner workings- embarked on a tour of the company’s facilities. The tour commenced with an exciting demonstration featuring Simworx’s AGV Dark Ride Vehicle; an innovative, trackless vehicle which boasts dynamic 3DOF motion and offers an unprecedented ride experience not yet witnessed in any theme park. This showcase provided participants with a glimpse into the future of trackless dark rides, sparking their imaginations and offering insight into emerging technologies.

Terry Monkton, Simworx CEO, explains the Pegasus Flying Theatre to participants

Continuing their journey through Simworx’s headquarters, the group was treated to a sneak peek at one of the company’s upcoming attractions: the Pegasus Flying Theatre. Testing out the scalable motion seats, attendees took the opportunity to be immersed by the demonstration, each remarking at how captivated they felt by its movements and media, despite being in a room full of observers. 

Pegasus Flying Theatre Seat Demo

Participants were very impressed by the ride systems and were abuzz with questions following the demos, considering how the rides could be applied in different situations – leading nicely into the second half of the day. 

Before breaking for lunch, Terry took the time to personally engage with each attendee, delving into their aspirations and current endeavours- whether academic or professional- and fostering a deeper connection with the group. Lunch was enjoyed at a nearby restaurant, Hickory’s American Smokehouse, which presented a fun, themed backdrop to their conversations.

Rejuvenated and eager to delve into the afternoon’s activities, participants reconvened at the offices for the next segment, which kicked off with a presentation by Nicole and Matt from Simworx’s Creative team. The duo discussed the considerations that one must make when pitching rides to clients, and how they have to scale Simworx’s range of products to each park’s unique requests.

It was now the visiting group’s turn to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test!

Sketches from Afternoon Workshop

Divided up into small groups, the participants were presented with a mock brief, resembling real-world scenarios encountered at Simworx, and tasked with coming up with a solution utilising Simworx’s ride systems. As the challenge began, the NextGen group was thrown into the deep end, equipped with only the basics: pens, paper and their imaginations! 

Given only an hour to propose a ride system and theme which fit into the spatial and operational constraints of the brief, the teams worked quickly, scribbling and sketching their ideas into concepts ready to present. 

The afternoon culminated in group presentations, showcasing a myriad of colourful and imaginative ideas. Amidst laughter and camaraderie, the winning team members—Nick, Gary, and Joseph—were rewarded for their inventive concept, utilising the Pegasus system to create a whimsical journey through a garden from the perspective of a honeybee.

Winning Group from the Afternoon Workshop

As the day drew to a close, participants departed feeling inspired and enriched by the day’s activities, having gained invaluable insight into the operations of one of the UK’s premier ride manufacturers. Moreover, they forged new friendships and professional connections, further enhancing their experience and networks within the industry.

I had a brilliant day with the Simworx team last Friday, exploring how to scale attractions, touring the space and jumping a ride on one of their Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).
Thanks a bunch to the Simworx Team for having us.

– Steven Quayle

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