International Antarctic Centre | 4D Cinema

4D Theatre

The 4D theatre at the International Antarctic Centre has all the thrills, spills and chills in an intense, immersive and in-your-face viewing experience as guests embark on an Ice Voyage to Antarctica.

The 4D Extreme theatre currently operates with the film Ice Voyage, which was custom produced and takes guests on a trip to Antarctica. The high definition footage was filmed by Emmy award-winning cinematographer Mike Single and it is the first 3D movie to be filmed in this part of the world.

The cruise to Antarctica provides excitement and adventure for guests, enhanced by the various 4D effects which also feature in the theatre. These include wind, snow, water spray, low smoke and aroma, along with special effects lighting and 3 DOF (degrees of freedom) motion action seats to complete the experience.

Commenting on the experience, a representative from the International Antarctic Centre said “It’s fun standing outside watching people leave our Christchurch 4D theatre as there are always lots of wide eyes and equally wide smiles. Many have no idea what they were sitting down to experience until the lights dimmed and the action started.”

  • Film: Ice Voyage
  • Product: 4D Cinema
  • Effects: Seat Movements, Vibration, Water Spray, Air Blast, Leg Ticklers, Bubbles, Low Smoke, Special Effects Lighting, Wind Blowers