Bao Son Paradise Park | Flying Theatre

Fly Over Vietnam

Making its world debut in Vietnam, the Mini Flying Theatre brings this kind of attraction into the reach of smaller operators, offering a more accessible price and also a smaller overall footprint than a full sized Flying Theatre.

Installed at the beginning of 2020, this brand new cutting edge ride takes park guests on a breathtaking adventure over the stunning scenery of Vietnam.

The ride offers an hourly capacity of 250 and is capable of seating 20 people at a time over two rows with the seats all mounted on a central structure. After guests are seated, the attraction then lifts guests into the air with a smooth transition to panorama mode, with the rear rows of seats moving above those in front, to view a large dome screen.

Supplied by film maker, Metropolis, the ‘Fly Over Vietnam’ film specially commissioned for this project lasts just under 10 minutes. Guests experience movements perfectly synchronised to the on-screen content, including a programmable tilt, combined with the seats moving forwards and backwards, while the sensation of flying is enhanced with rider’s legs dangling freely. In addition to the motion synchronisation, the attraction is fully interfaced to projection and sound systems and uses custom show reels on a digital format AV solution.