Clacton Pier | 4D Cinema

Jurassic Pier

As part of Clacton Pier’s revamp, Simworx worked with Clacton to replace its 40-year-old seaquarium with a brand-new 4D Cinema and Walk-through experience.

Named Jurassic Pier the experience begins with a visit to the study of the ‘Jurassic Pier Discovery Centre’ before they continue through to a dinosaur paddock past various dinosaur enclosures allowing guests to get up close and personal with the animatronic giants in a themed environment. Led through by the ‘Dinosaur wranglers’, they learn about the various dinosaurs in residence with fun and engaging commentary before being led through to the 4D Cinema. 

The experience concludes with an immersive 4D Cinema experience in a themed theatre space. The Cinema boasts 24 seats and features a range of special effects including leg ticklers, wind effects, water spray and smoke. Taking their seats, guests go on a wild jeep ride through dense tropical rainforests seeing fierce Raptors, flying Pterosaurs, giant Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and the mighty T-Rex. 

  • Film: The Lost World
  • Product: 4D Cinema
  • Effects: Seat Movements, Leg Ticklers, Wind Effects, Smoke and Water Spray