Riyadh Seasons | Stargazer

Masameer Experience

The brand-new attraction was designed, delivered, and installed in record time for the opening of the RIYADH CITY Boulevard and features four of Simworx’s popular and dynamic 6DOF Stargazer ride vehicles. The experience is themed around the popular Saudi Arabian Cartoon IP – Masameer – developed by the studio Myrkott and produced for Netflix.

The incredibly themed ride takes guests through a pre-show featuring models of the characters, such as Saad, Ghannam and Saltouh before riders enter the showroom through one of the character’s mouths.

Guests then take their seats on the ride vehicles which are also designed to look like the pick-up truck featured within the show before being whisked off on an adventure. Onboard effects such as wind and water spray delight guests as the dynamic movement simulates the captivating action on screen as they journey between different worlds. Simworx is incredibly proud to have worked with Sela to deliver Masameer as the KSA’s first IP driven Media Attraction.

  • Film: Masameer 4D Experience (Custom Film)
  • Product: Stargazer
  • Effects: Wind, Water Spray, Special Effects Lighting