Space Jump

The National Geographic Ultimate Explorer attraction gives families the chance to interact with animals, travel to the farthest reaches of outer space, go to the bottom of the ocean and top of Everest without ever leaving the mall. Combining the best elements from theme parks, museums, gaming and role-playing into a truly innovative experience.

Simworx helped to supply a range of media based attractions for the venue, each with a unique and immersive adventure for visitors to enjoy.

The Space Jump Attraction is was the first example of Simworx’s 4DVR attraction.┬áThe experience gives guests a captivating and immersive space launch simulation suitable for all ages. Join our hero as you blast off to the edge of space and then free-fall back to Earth meeting alien creatures on the way. The Space Jump attraction was also further developed into an interactive version complete with joysticks that control movement of the chair as well as the interactive content.

The Ultimate Expedition Attraction is located at the Nat Geo Ultimate Explorer FEC’s in:

  • Shenyang, China
  • Hengquin, China
  • Metepec, Mexico
  • Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Film: Space Jump (Custom Flim / Custom Interactive Game Content)
  • Product: 4DVR
  • Effects: Seat Movements, Vibration, Water Spritz, Air Blast, Leg Ticklers, Wind Blowers, Special Effects Lighting