Movie Park Germany | Immersive Tunnel

The Lost Temple

Opened in 2014, The Lost Temple, the Immersive Tunnel provides an exciting and entertaining finale to guests’ journey into a forgotten period of time deep under the park.

Travelling through a mysterious ancient temple where its inhabitants are thousands of years old, visitors are introduced to a world-famous archaeologist and accompany him into the underground excavation. The professor, however, suddenly disappears and guests are forced to go on a rescue mission through the unknown to find him.

Built in the former Movie Magic Hall, The Lost Temple recreates an ‘unexplored world’ with prehistoric animals, dinosaurs and temples and thanks to modern film and animation techniques, visitors not only experience a thrilling story but become part of the storytelling process. They reach the underground world via an old lift and move through a series of different areas before boarding the Immersive Tunnel ride for the final part of their journey.

  • Film: The Lost Temple (Custom Film)
  • Product: Immersive Tunnel
  • Effects: 360 Degree Screen, 3DOF Motion Base, Special Effects Lighting, Wind Blowers, Smell