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By Simworx on May 1, 2010 in Latest News

Simworx simulation platforms play major role in success of new Futuroscope attraction

The well-known Futuroscope theme park in France has turned to motion simulation platforms from UK Company Simworx to provide key elements in one of its latest attractions.

Arthur, the 4D Adventure, was introduced at the park for 2010 and takes guests into the fairytale world of the Minimoys, tiny beings living a hidden life beneath the soil, riding on the back of flying lady buggies. Created by film director by Luc Besson and based on the Arthur and the Minimoys trilogy, the new attraction boasts an unrivalled combination of technologies. These include the 3D animated film viewed on a 9,700 sq. ft. IMAX® dome screen, synchronised motion simulator platforms, from Simworx, and multi-sensory physical effects in the theatre. All these attributes combine to absorb visitors in what is an original digital work from Besson and his first leisure park attraction.

After an interactive and instructive walk through the world of the Minimoys, visitors join Arthur on a hair-raising race against time back to the human world. As soon as guests enter the theatre building they immediately step into the world of the Minimoys, recreated in four different zones and a world where life is lived underground and among the plants. The effect is to immerse visitors in a whole new dimension, making them feel they have shrunk and become Minimoys.

Visitors travel through the attraction in a 25-seater carriage that mimics the flight of the lady buggies, the insect-shaped vehicles in the Minimoy world. There are four carriages on two levels in the theatre, facing the gigantic hemispherical IMAX DOME® screen. A pre-recorded, synchronised program moves each carriage along 3 axis to rise, descend, tilt left and right and forward and backward in time with the on-screen action. The feeling of flying through the air is reinforced by a breeze against the face, while a number of new and original effects add to the experience.

The theatre was previously home to Race for Atlantis and the Simworx motion simulator platforms have played a key role in the huge success of the new attraction.

“Our motion simulator platforms are wowing guests at Futuroscope on the new Arthur, the 4D Adventure attraction,” said Simworx Managing Director Terry Monkton. “We have carried out a major overhaul of the existing ride with a new control system, motion programming and, of course, the platforms themselves, which have played a key role in the success of the attraction. Hand on heart, I believe it’s the best motion simulator attraction after Universal’s Spiderman and we are delighted to have contributed to that achievement.”

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