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By Simworx on October 1, 2009 in Latest News

Simworx effect theatres prove popular installations at venues worldwide

Drievliet and Science Museum projects are two major success stories

Simworx, the UK based 4D effects theatre and simulation attraction specialist, continues to enjoy a buoyant 2009 following a host of successful installations, excellent feedback from operators and continued interest in its wide range of products from the attractions industry and various other sectors.

Indeed, during a very successful EAS trade show in Amsterdam recently, Simworx Managing Director Terry Monkton was able to take customers to view one of the company’s most recent projects at the nearby Familiepark Drievliet where, for the 2009 season, a new 4D effects theatre was opened.

The addition of the theatre has proved a popular move with park guests and represents a full turnkey project for Simworx for which the company converted an existing Cine 180 dome building to create the new theatre. Fully themed on the outside (by Joravision) the installation features 51 seats providing multi-directional movement, along with access for wheelchair users, while effects include seat drop, water spray, leg ticklers, dynamic wind blowers, low smoke, bubbles and aroma.

Special effects lighting further enhances the overall visual experience provided by a Christie HD 3D projection system, which is linked to a 3D screen and surround sound, while the award winning film Curse of Skull Rock has proved a big hit with audiences of all ages in what is the only cinematic experience on the park.

“Our visitors like it very much,” noted park director Piet Faaij.  “The film is very sharp and the movements are good too and overall we are very satisfied. From a quality point of view our new theatre is excellent. And it is a good family attraction so fits in very well with our target market.”

Simworx has also installed a 4D effects theatre at the London Science museum, the project being the first 4D theatre to open in the English capital. Featuring the film Legend of Apollo, produced by Red Star and telling the story of Colonel David Scott, commander of the Apollo 15 mission to the moon, the attraction incorporates a four-minute pre-show and again utilises Simworx’s multi-directional seats, along with a variety of effects. These include seat drop, water spray, wind, low smoke, leg ticklers, bubbles and aroma which, along with 3D high definition projection combine to provide a truly immersive experience.

“We are very happy with levels of business so far this year,” commented Simworx Managing Director Terry Monkton, “and the Drievliet and Science Museum projects are good examples of how we can cater to very different requirements and create highly entertaining attractions, for all age groups and for a wide range of venue type. Both these installations are proving extremely popular and I am delighted with their success.”

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