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By Simworx on September 1, 2010 in Latest News

MOSI Manchester adds new dimension with Simworx’s 4D effects theatre

The MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester) in north west England, has added a new entertainment dimension to its offering with the introduction of a 4D effects theatre from Simworx.

Situated in one of the five redeveloped warehouse buildings which make up the museum premises, UK-based specialist Simworx has installed a 30-seat theatre incorporating its ‘5D’ seats which provide a full 3 DOF (degrees of freedom) motion axis action. Simworx also created a custom grandstand seating structure for the theatre, built over some original steps in the building, and along with the motion of the seats, visitors are treated to a range of additional effects including wind, bubbles, special effects lighting, low smoke and surround sound.

The MOSI Manchester theatre also incorporates Projection Design high definition projectors to show the two nWave produced films chosen by the venue – Fly Me to the Moon and Pirate Story – which will be shown every hour, on the hour and on the half hour respectively. Fly Me to the Moon sees viewers teaming up with three ‘tweenaged’ flies as they sneak on board the legendary Apollo 11 and blast off for an adventure in space, while Pirate Story puts visitors in a museum on a stormy night and takes them through an obstacle course to find their way out as they are chased by the curse of the pirate’s treasure.

Suitable for all the family, the films last for up to 15 minutes and are available as an additional pay attraction, with Simworx and the museum operating the theatre on a revenue share basis. This is a similar arrangement to that at the RAF Museum at Hendon, London, where a Simworx effects theatre is also installed, showing the award winning film B17 – The Mission.

“The project represents a £250,000 investment by Simworx,” commented Managing Director Terry Monkton, “and takes us further into the realms of operating. We already have a Morphis simulator in the Aviation Wing at the MOSI Manchester so are delighted to be able to complement this with the new 4D effects theatre. It brings a totally new element to the museum and provides some great family entertainment with two different films packed with humour and action. I’m sure it will be very well received by visitors.

Also delighted with the installation Terry Hudghton, Head of Marketing and Business Development at MOSI Manchester, who said: “We’ve had a fantastic response from visitors to the new 4D theatre. They love the fact that they really feel part of the action – the leg ticklers under the seats and the water spray get a particularly good response! At MOSI we aim to embrace new technology and provide new experiences for our visitors which will also help to raise money for us as a charity, and the 4D theatre really adds value for our visitors.

“The films we chose were Pirate Story, which is set in a museum, and Fly Me To The Moon, which had a nice link to our science collections. Simworx has provided an impressive new, state of the art facility and we have been very satisfied with the quality and appearance of the theatre.”

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