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MAY 2014

By Simworx on May 25, 2014 in Latest News

Simworx supplies major new “Immersive Tunnel” attraction at Movie Park Germany

Simworx, the UK-based supplier of media based dynamic simulation attractions, has announced the opening of its first Immersive Tunnel, at Movie Park Germany.

Incorporated into the park’s newest family attraction, The Lost Temple, the Immersive Tunnel provides an exciting and entertaining finale to guests’ journey into a forgotten period of time deep under the park. Travelling through a mysterious ancient temple where its inhabitants are thousands of years old, visitors are introduced to a world famous archaeologist and accompany him into the underground excavation. The professor, however, suddenly disappears and guests are forced to go on a rescue mission through the unknown to find him.

Built in the former Movie Magic Hall, The Lost Temple recreates an ‘unexplored world’ with prehistoric animals, dinosaurs and temples and thanks to modern film and animation techniques, visitors not only experience a thrilling story but become part of the story telling process. They reach the underground world via an old lift and move through a series of different areas before boarding the Immersive Tunnel ride for the final part of their journey.

The Immersive Tunnel consists of two 30 seat “Jeep” styled simulators units each of which sits upon a highly dynamic, 3DOF motion base. Guests board the vehicles in a themed loading bay, following which the vehicles initially move off along a short track and enter the main show area which incorporates a 5m high, 46m long, 360 degree screen which places them at the centre of the action in a temple setting, as dinosaurs rampage around them. With 3D film projection, combined with a range of 4D effects, the result is a fully immersive experience.

In addition to the 3D film projected to both sides and front of the tram and the movement of the vehicle, visitors also experience effects including wind, and odours which, along with surround sound and dramatic lighting effects, combine to create a fun, thrilling 4D experience that truly assaults the senses.

“We combine 4D effects and a 360 degree 3D screen for an amazing experience,” comments Movie Park General Manager Wouter Dekkers. “In the Immersive Tunnel there seems to be a fine line between fact and fiction and the guest experiences the attraction with all his senses.”

For Simworx, Managing Director Terry Monkton said: “The Immersive Tunnel is a dynamic, totally immersive attraction that takes sensory and physical simulation – and stimulation – to a new level. Combined with the superb theming that has been created in The Lost Temple, it provides visitors with an exciting adventure which is hugely entertaining. Seeing guests reactions when the vehicles are “attacked” by the T-Rex dinosaurs is just brilliant ! We have really enjoyed working with Movie Park on this project and I am sure it will be a big success for them”

The Immersive Tunnel is one of Simworx’s latest innovative products. The vehicles used can be provided in configurations of 30, 60, 90 and 120 seats and a range of themes and film content can be supplied to create unique attractions for all the family

Simworx is recognised as a world leader in the supply of media based dynamic simulation attractions – including its 4D effects cinemas and Immersive Tunnel – for the worldwide entertainment, education and corporate markets. Its capabilities extend from full turnkey solutions, custom attractions, product development, manufacturing and service support, to film content and complete themed attractions. Clients also have access to a vast film library with hugely varied subject content suitable for the wide variety of venue types the company works with.

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