Ride off into other worlds...

Pegasus Flying Theatre

The Pegasus Flying Theatre offers a unique and thrilling way to be immersed in the on-screen action.

With guests seated on the Pegasus Motion Base Seats, they experience the feeling of flight as their legs dangle freely and the seat’s motion base provides dynamic movement synchronised with the on-screen action, simulating flight. With the ability to be themed to suit any storyline, guests could be riding a jet bike, a space rocket or even a flying horse.

Riders board from two levels, where they are seated and high in anticipation. Unsure of what to expect, the shutter doors in front of their view open to reveal the incredible and immersive wide dome screen before their eyes. With strategic theatre lighting and sound effects, this transition would be seamlessly achieved to preserve the illusion.

During the ride experience, guests enjoy 3DOF dynamic movement via the seat that simulates the all-important sensation of flying, while a range of in-theatre effects such as water spray, wind, smoke and special effects lighting provide operators with a truly stand-out ride, guaranteed to excite visitors.

The Pegasus Flying Theatre is supplied with surround sound audio and a 4K projection system (Higher resolution options available). It can be provided in an array of different layouts and capacities to suit operator requirements and building constraints.

The Pegasus Flying Theatre was featured as an IAAPA 2022 Brass Ring Award Finalist.

Leg Tickler
Low Smoke / Fog
Special Effects Lighting
Electrical Requirements The Pegasus Flying Theatre requires a single phase power supply of 50 Hz at 230v