Media Based Attraction specialist, Simworx, has developed a range of new story concepts to complement its Metro Mover attraction and its unique selling points.

The various new stories explore the different ways that the Metro carriage-themed attraction can be interpreted to create dramatically different narratives. 

From blasting off on the Intergalactic Starliner into outer space or reaching the depths of the ocean on the Deep Sea Express – the environments and worlds that the Metro Mover can transport riders to are vast. The universally appealing carriage and customisable media allow venues to tailor the story to a wide audience base, whether it be a family-friendly option like a cartoon anime adventure or a more intense young adult-oriented disaster experience with a run-away train or zombies.

The storytelling opportunities are expansive for this adaptable attraction and could be further enhanced with an elaborate pre-show experience to create a fully-fledged Metro-centred attraction. 

The Metro Mover rebranded from the “Metro of Time”, offers a twist on a typical 4D Cinema with Metro theming and an opening carriage side that reveals a media screen while enjoying dynamic movement via 3DOF motion seats along with onboard special effects and surround sound audio.

As guests ‘travel’ from one place to the next while the carriage side is down 7 on-board LED screens mimic the feeling of movement and offer the opportunity for media to advance the narrative.

The Metro-themed carriages offer a capacity of 40 persons per carriage, which are available in multiples to create a full-length train. Designed to offer total flexibility and to integrate smoothly into any venue or creative concept. 

Simworx Lead Creative, Matt Clarkson said “When we design our attractions we put storytelling at the heart of our process, we try to consider the narrative opportunities that each of our attractions offer, as it is such an integral part of integrating media into a simulation experience and can make or break its enjoyment factor. The Metro Mover we feel has endless bounds and offers a truly customisable experience. We’ve developed these five, story concepts as a way of showing future customers just how adaptable it can be for to stories they want to tell.”

Download our Metro Mover Concept Brochure


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