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Metro of Time

Step on board the ‘Metro of Time’ and travel through time’s forgotten ages. This state of the art motion simulator ride takes visitors on a trip of a lifetime through four time zones, as they embark on a safari through Prehistoric lands, before exploring Ancient Egyptian tombs to find lost treasures, on a Medieval quest to save a princess and a ruthless chase through the Old Wild West.

Simworx has created four unique Metro Themed 4D Cinemas, available individually or in multiples, each with a capacity of 40 persons. The fully themed carriages include 3DOF motion seats, surround sound audio, on-board special effects and 7 LED screen ‘windows’ in each carriage that ‘transport’ passengers to anywhere your imagination wants to take them to. Designed to offer total flexibility and to integrate smoothly into any venue or creative concept.

This attraction is available with specially designed custom film content to suit a client’s venue and any theme, or library films specifically created for this ‘time travelling’ attraction. With complete show control, optional effects and integrated AV systems the ‘Metro of Time’ is the perfect ride solution for those looking for a twist on the traditional 4D Cinema.

Optional Effects

  • Wind
  • Water Spray
  • Aroma
  • Special Effects Lighting
  • Bubbles
  • Snow
  • Smoke

Key Features

  • 40 x 3DOF Motion Seats per Carriage
  • Automated Doors and Retractable Side Panel
  • Monitored Individual Seat Belts
  • 7 Monitor Displays per Carriage
  • On-board Effects
  • Show Control
  • Custom Made Film Content

Electrical Requirements

The Metro of Time requires a 50 Hz: 415 VAC, 3 – phase, neutral & earth supply (5 wire), rated at 250 Amps per phase.