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International Antarctic Centre, New Zealand


Film: The Curse of Skull Rock

Effects: Seat Movements, Vibration, Water Spray, Air Blast, Leg Ticklers, Bubbles, Low Smoke, Special Effects Lighting, Wind Blowers

The 4D Extreme theatre currently operates with the film Ice Voyage, which was custom produced and takes guests on a trip to Antarctica. The high definition footage was filmed by Emmy award winning cinematographer Mike Single and it is the first 3D movie to be filmed in this part of the world.

The cruise to Antarctica provides excitement and adventure for guests, enhanced by the various 4D effects which also feature in the theatre. These include wind, snow, water spray, low smoke and aroma, along with special effects lighting and 3 DOF (degrees of freedom) motion action seats to complete the experience.

“I had seen 4D theatres at attractions around the world and I saw it was part of the latest technology and wanted to be part of that. We chose Simworx from word of mouth and various recommendations. They are highly regarded and installed everything on time and were very professional. We’re giving people the opportunity to feel and experience what it’s like to go to Antarctica and combining the 3D movie with all the special effects in the theatre makes them feel they’ve actually been there. The whole attraction has been received very well by all our domestic and international visitors who are thrilled by it.”